The GNMTCs board has made a resolution to sale the following ships under their ownership in as and where conditions

  • MT ATTAHADI LPG Carrier anchored at Tripoli port
  • MT MASHHOUDA Oil Tanker anchored at Al khoms port ...
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MT Alhani Release2015-11-30

GNMTC is pleased to announce that one of their ship�s MT Alhani (IMO no. 9331153) was officially released from the Greece authorities after long legal battle. A welcome ceremony was organized by her company GNMTC at Tripoli port on 25-Nov-2015.....

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Port of Tuzla Receives the Libyan Tanker (Anwaar Afriqya)2015-09-09

The M.T (Anwaar Afriqya) has arrived (docked) on Friday 4th September 2015 at the port of Tuzla, towed by the Maltese tug (Amber2) after a sailing journey of 9 days....

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Towage of Anwaar Afriqya for repairs2015-09-03

With Gods well we commenced on Wednesday the 26th August 2015 towing the tanker Anwaar Afriqya from the commercial port of Misurata to the port of Tuzla via the Maltese tugboat (Amber2) which is equipped with the best towing equipment & facilities.

The Expected arrival of the tanker to the Turkish port is on 4th September 2015...

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GNMTC Honoring the Libyan Coast Guard & Ports Security (Meddle sector)2015-09-01

In honoring the Libyan heroes who had accomplished there Patriot duties during the event of shooting the Libyan tanker Anwaar Afriqya in 24th of May 2015 in the commercial port of Sirt.

Therefore, GNMTC has honored the participant in the rescue of the tanker including the tanker crew and other Libyan coast ...

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MT. Anwaar Afriqya Incident Report2015-05-25

The General National Maritime Transport Co (GNMTC) is announcing that one of their owned product tanker named MT. Anwaar Afriqya (IMO No: 9275268) was attacked on 24.05.2015 at about 12:00 hrs local time by several missiles, shortly after berthing on the SBM of Sirte Power Station at the Gulf of Sider to discharge 29,973 MT of diesel oil, which was loaded from Agioi Theodoroi Port – Greece on 19.05.2015 and sailed directly to her above named destination without any deviations ...

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Announcement for Jobs2014-10-13

GNMTC announces on its desires to employee Libyan on board its tankers , The following jobs are.

  • Ordinary sea man (4 vacancies)
  • Cook assistant (2 vacancies)
  • Steward (3 vacancies)
  • ...

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Finance Department Project2014-06-16

The twenty & the twenty first century has experienced a very important developments in so many field related to service sectors such as maritime transport, which contributes in the generation of national income, exports and investments in the capacity of being the main driving power to major national economic sectors ...

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GNMTC BOD Second meeting 20142014-04-25

GNMTC board of directors second meetings for the year 2014 assembled in 15th April 2014 in the company's headquarters preceded by the council president Dr. Ali Zagoub & attended by all members.

President of the overseer committee Mr. S.Talha participated in the meetings also, the meeting was scrutinized by Mr. Mohammed Eldani ...

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GNMTC General Assembly Meeting2014-04-15

The meeting was held between both GNMTC & ESM at the executive level during the period 31st March until 2nd April 2014 in Singapore headed from the GNMTC side by Eng. Tahar Almaarfi (Executive Manager) and also were present CEO deputy Capt. A M.Eldali ,Capt. E S.Korwat (H.R Manager) , Eng. A Abozgaia (Technical Manager), Mr. A.Gazoon ...

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