GNMTC & ESM Management Teams Met in Singapore2014-04-15

The meeting was held between both GNMTC & ESM at the executive level during the period 31st March until 2nd April 2014 in Singapore headed from the GNMTC side by Eng. Tahar Almaarfi (Executive Manager) and also were present CEO deputy Capt. A M.Eldali ,Capt. E S.Korwat (H.R Manager) , Eng. A Abozgaia (Technical Manager), Mr. A.Gazoon (Accountant) (collectively). And from the ESM side Mr. B S.Teka (General Manager) and a few of ESM managers. The meeting tackled the technical management agreements specifically for technical operation of the following tankers:

  • Samraa Alkhaleej
  • Alhani
  • Aljalaa
  • Alqadisia
  • Maetiga
  • Cartagena

Amendment to the "SMA" ship management agreement has been agreed upon, to ensure an ideal satisfactory operation of the tankers during the years 2014 & 2015.

Revision of the obstacles that had faced the technical operation of the above mentioned tankers and the best way to restore best performance to eventually bring them accomplish ideal operation.

The meeting was ended on the base of continuing similar periodical meeting to settle any financial issues in due time also to resolve any complication that may face the operation of the tankers

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