Finance Department Project2014-06-16

The twenty & the twenty first century has experienced a very important developments in so many field related to service sectors such as maritime transport, which contributes in the generation of national income, exports and investments in the capacity of being the main driving power to major national economic sectors.

The accountant has faced great challenges especially in the finance of maritime sectors to meet the increased demand of the sectors administration for information, And in the frame of effort exerted by GNMTC to mechanize all departments. so as to be able to provide information to top level management that helps decision making in the appropriate time in effort to match with the international maritime companies.

With GODS well during the month of April 2014 we had installed a new general accounting & budget software which was built and designed on the basis of accounting expenses system which can track expenses to expenses centers accurately also prepares finance reports.

We are also stepping towards the preparation of a few other systems software which will connect the different systems to the main budget & general accounting system, both human resources & marine operation departments will enter data to the above mentioned systems , the finalized systems are:-

  • Employee affairs system
  • Wages & salary system
  • Marine operation department system

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