GNMTC is a Libyan State owned company, founded in 1975 with an initial capitalization of 100 million Libyan Dinars (340m US $). This was increased by 500 million Libyan Dinars in 2008,increased again by anther 500 million Libyan Dinars in 2009,The total capital became 1,200,000,000 billion Libyan Dinars.

GNMTC trades worldwide through its present fleet of vessels of various types and capacities, on the basis of each vessel operating through a separate company, the intention of GNMTC to expand its fleet in order to service its growing commercial commitment.

The company has its headquarters in Libya’s capital city of Tripoli, from where all its vessels are managed.

The objectives of GNMTC are to:

  • Operate its fleet safely and to protect the environment, in which it operates.
  • Develop the fleet’s technical standards.
  • Provide a modern equipped shipping fleet.
  • Insure a stable working environment for all present and future Libyan staff.
  • Provide the company with future qualified seafarers through appropriate training programmes.
  • Deliver a cost-effective and customer focused service.

These objectives are being achieved through

  • Establishing partnerships with public and private companies, throughout the world.
  • Developing and initiating training policies.
  • Identifying and purchasing suitable vessels.
  • Ensuring a reliable service through its customer focused staff and financial cost controls.

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