Contingency Response

As a matter of priority GNMTC has set an emergency response capability plan, which starts with the master of the vessel, who holds over-riding authority in the event of an emergency with regards to all aspects of any shipboard emergency situation in accordance with various international regulations, codes of practices and maritime conventions such as SOLAS and MARPOL.

GNMTC has adopted an integrated Emergency Capability Plan for the administration of any major accident and/or oil spill or other emergency situation occurring on a GNMTC vessel. This includes the establishment of a crisis room and emergency response Team, which comprises of all key managers of the company and headed by the Chairman of the Company.

All members of the team are required to muster in the "Contingency Room", which is situated at the headquarters of GNMTC, in Tripoli, within 90 (Ninety) minutes of being informed of an emergency onboard a vessel irrespective of the hour of the day.

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