Chief Officer

وظائف قيادية
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Designation : المسمى الوظيفىضابط أول
Chief Officer
Job Code : كود الوظيفة  JD 02
Date posted: تاريخ الإعلان عن الوظيفة  23/03/2021
Posting Expires: تاريخ نهاية الإعلان :22/04/2021

Job Description – وصف الوظيفة 

Technical and economical leading of Deck Department, especially considering the vessel’s safety, maritime environmental protection and cost management, improvement of the quality of services.
Objectives: Chief Officer (Oli Tankers) – Worldwide

·       Responsible to the Master for the safe and efficient operation of the vessel outside the engine room
·       Ship’s Safety Officer; who must make regular inspections of all spaces in the ship and monitor personnel working practices to ascertain that no safety hazards exist.
·       Maintenance of all safety, fire-fighting and LSA equipment onboard is carried out.
·       Maintenance of all cargo gear is carried out.
·       Planning and supervision of cargo and ballast loading and unloading control;
·       Ships’ seaworthiness in view of stability, strength condition when loading, discharging and ballasting.
·       Cargo tanks washing and cleaning, control and planning;
·       The responsible officer for the Ballast Water Management Plan.
·       Deck and accommodation maintenance/keeping record of maintenance done and to perform;
·       Training of the crew;
·       Hygiene and health onboard control and inspections reports
·       Handling and care of deck dangerous materials on board
·       Supervises that the safe and health working practices are strictly adhered to;
·       Tasks according to Muster List
·       Proper implementation of Garbage Management Plan
·       Responsible to the Master for ensuring that all adequate anti-pollution measures are in operation as required by MARPOL, flag registry and port regulations.
Key Responsibilities:

·       Shipboard emergency team
·       Onboard HSE Committee meeting
·       Contacts to Flag and port authorities
·       Job Risk Assessment.
·       Planning of dry-docking

·       Chief officer Unlimited COC.
·       Holding valid STCW code A-II/2 certificates include Advance Oil Tanker & Advance Chemical Tanker (In accordance to the Minimum Safe Manning Document (see IMO Circ. STCW.7/Circ. 24 dd. Feb. 6th, 2017).
·       Holding of National GMDSS certificate.
·       Holding of ship handling simulator training certificate.
·       Good command of English & MS office skills.
·       Must pass pre-employment medical including D & A Test.
Qualification Required / Minimum Requirement:

·       3years of experience on oil Tankers.
·       At least 1 year related experience in rank.
·       A good knowledge of the English language is required. Arabic fluency is preferred.
·       Ability to handle dangerous goods.
·       Practical computer experience in Word and Excel.
Minimum Sea Experience:

·       Extensive experience of oil tankers operations in a senior seagoing capacity. Minimum 3years’ experience in rank.
·       A good knowledge of the English language is required. Arabic fluency is preferred.
Excellent computer proficiency.
Experience Required:
مع ضرورة إرفاق الأتي ·       السيرة الذاتية .
·       الشهــــــادات .
·       يخضع المتقدم لإمتحان المقابلة بمقر الشركة .

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