Electro-technical Officer

وظائف تشغيلية
البحر, طرابلس
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Designation : المسمى الوظيفىمهندس كهربائي
Electro-technical Officer
Job Code : كود الوظيفة  JD 08
Date posted: تاريخ الإعلان عن الوظيفة  23/03/2021
Posting Expires: تاريخ نهاية الإعلان :22/04/2021

Job Description – وصف الوظيفة 

In charge of the electrical and electronic devices, especially considering the vessel’s safety, maritime environmental protection and the quality of services.
Objectives: ETO

·       Supervision of all electric and electronic equipment operation, data collection and maintenance as instructed by Master and Chief Engineer;
·       Electrical and electronic equipment management, repair, testing and relevant spare parts inventory and requisitions;
·       Responsible for maintenance of all the electrical motors on ship i.e. in engine room and on deck.
Key Responsibilities:

·       Safety at Work
Requisitions related to electrical & electronic equipment.
مع ضرورة إرفاق الأتي ·       السيرة الذاتية .
·       الشهــــــادات .
·       يخضع المتقدم لإمتحان المقابلة بمقر الشركة .

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