Important Statement

Our attention has been drawn to spurious allegations against National General Company for Maritime Transport, Libya, making the rounds online and on some media outlets. The unsubstantiated claims and accusations, with the potential to cause serious damage to the reputation and position of the company in the international shipping market are completely false, treacherous, and libelous.

We have been made aware of statements issued by the Minister of Environment of Israel which suggests that a ship (EMERALD), owned by a Libyan company, has polluted the shores of Israel territories in a deliberate act after it sailed from Iran, which the Minister considered a terrorist act Worth a reply. It has been suggested in the media that this ship is owned and operated by (GNMTC, Libya).

 In this regard, it is necessary to correct and clarify to whomsoever it may concern, that the ship bearing the name (EMERALD), which currently carries the Panamanian flag, is a ship that was previously owned by the National General Maritime Transport Company and carried the Maltese flag under the name (Ebn Batuta), The ship was sold via an official public auction and was delivered to the new owner in December 2020, well before the aforementioned alleged incident. From the time the ship was delivered to new owners, GNMTC no longer has any involvement whatsoever in either the ownership or operation of this ship. 

With this statement we confirm that we will not hesitate in defending our property, we will not allow our reputation or crew to be harmed, and will take any necessary legal measures to protect the company and its capabilities in a manner that guarantees our rights. 

((God bless Libya))

General National Maritime Transport Company

Issued in Tripoli on Friday  05/03/2021