Our Services


GNMTC engages primarily in the ownership and the operation of oil tankers including refined products such as gasoline, fuel, diesel, and oil. We are also a leading carrier of other clean products. GNMTC operates vessels of varying sizes from 29,000 to 160,000 DWT. The provision of a reliable, high-quality fleet, with safety at the forefront of all of our operations, are the cornerstones of GNMTC’s success.

GNMTC employs a highly skilled crew and advanced maritime technology, both of which play a key role in the building of continuing relationships with customers – as does GNMTC’s expertise in vessel management. GNMTC whose, headquarters are in Tripoli manages the operations of its vessels, throughout the world on a continuous basis 24 hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. The timely delivery of our customer’s products is achieved through the use of GNMTC’s dedicated global communications network with carefully selected agents throughout the world.

GNMTC has a long-standing commitment to quality assurance programs and ongoing fleet renewal.