• The General National Maritime Transport Company (GNMTC) is a Libyan shareholding Company wholly owned for the state, it was established in 1975 and has its headquarters in Libya’s capital city of Tripoli, from where vessels are managed.GNMTC engage primarily in the ownership and operation of oil tankers, chemical tankers and (LPG) carriers.GNMTC customers include oil companies, petroleum products traders, government agencies, and various other entities.

    The basic functions that the Company’s management performs, in order to fulfil its contractual commitments, are:

    • Chartering out.
    • Ships manning (partly outsourced).
    • Supplies.
    • Ships technical support.
    • Maintenance and repairs (major repairs and dry docking are outsourced).
    • Controlling ship insurance (outsourced).
    • Ship operations.

    GNMTC full-time function within its organization is to monitor every aspect of the operations on daily basis, both within offices and onboard vessels, to ensure that every activity is handled in accordance with the corporate commitment to Company's policies and objectives.

    Continuous monitoring of the applied standards is achieved by monitoring the adherence to the working practices onboard and ashore.

Customer Focus
GNMTC management recognise the fact that the aim of achieving and enhancing customer satisfaction depends on the understanding of customers’ needs (expectations and perceptions) as well as their requirements.
GNMTC management consider the establishment of a customer satisfaction rating, hoping that the resultant data will be useful when:
• Setting objectives and targets
• Planning for Marketing
• Reviewing service processes
• Developing systems, processes and procedures