Statement Concerning (Acquisition of an Oil Tanker)

Statement Concerning (Acquisition of an Oil Tanker)

General National maritime transport Company (GNMTC) announces the acquisition of a new crude oil tanker for which the name (Ebn Hawkel ) has been chosen and the vessel delivered to its marine fleet as of Monday, January 11, 2021, at 15:35.

This acquisition of a modern oil tanker that conforms to the highest standards of quality, maintenance, and requirements of major oil companies (OCIMF) is a major achievement for GNMTC,  The vessel was built under the supervision of the British Classification Society (Lloyd’s).

This acquisition by GNMTC is the start of its first phase of the renewal of its fleet and will contribute to the company realizing its future plans.

GNMTC is working in cooperation with its partners to continue developing its important position and role in both the regional and international oil transportation industry.

There is no doubt that this achievement will contribute significantly to improving the overall performance of the fleet, both in the quality of its operations and improved commercial strength. Through its continued growth in fleet size and commercial success, GNMTC aspires to become one of the top-performing international tanker companies.

GNMTC will be a reliable business partner providing services utilizing the latest systems and operating under the highest international quality and safety standards.

The company has a long and proud history of serving both the international and national economies.

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